Biosecurity Responce Services

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Biosecurity Responses

Biosecurity Response Services

Our Experience

AsureQuality has experience in the establishment of urgent response activities in relation to pest plants, insects, and animal disease. We have preparedness plans and systems ready to go which can be rolled out nationally, across multiple workstreams, within hours. We have a dedicated team of experts and can draw on expertise and resources from the wider AsureQuality business. We also have an established external network to support this critical work.  

Our Experts

Our people also have strong working relationships with Government and are well-versed in legislation, particularly the Biosecurity Act. Our team can work on a response in under an hour, including the mobilisation of units to move around the country as required.

Find Answers to Common Questions

When Do AsureQuality Provide Response Services?

Our team provides response services as soon as we receive a request for help. Typically, this is when biosecurity incursions pose a risk to our environment, economy, and health.

How Long Does it Take for AsureQuality to Respond to a Biosecurity Threat?

We take any biosecurity threat seriously, which is why our trained and experienced teams respond in under an hour, including mobilising units to take action throughout the country.

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Biosecurity services Auditing and Verification

Biosecurity Auditing and Verification

AsureQuality provides independent technical and auditing expertise to verify business systems and procedures delivered to their Pest and Biosecurity Management Plans, ensure food safety, and that trade market access requirements are met.

Biosecurity services Surveillance

Biosecurity Surveillance

AsureQuality provides Biosecurity Surveillance programmes to monitor the New Zealand environment for pests and the health of our animals to ensure that in the event of biosecurity incursion that New Zealand gets an early warning and can act quickly to deal with it.

Biosecurity services Pest Management and Ecological Restoration

Pest Management and Ecological Restoration

AsureQuality provides Pest Management and Ecological Restoration services to Government agencies, Regional Councils, and private business from our nationwide network for technical experts and field officers.