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Our Story

New Zealand has long been renowned for its food. Where growers, farmers, producers and others right across the supply chain, work hard to uphold what Aotearoa stands for in food – a higher standard of quality and safety.

We are proud to work with them to help build and protect this enduring trust in food.

With over 1700 dedicated people, deeply connected to our partners across the food and primary production sectors, we offer the broadest range of food assurance services in New Zealand.  

As Kaitiaki Kai, guardians of food, we work with care and passion. Working closely with our partners, at every point of their supply chains, sharing the knowledge and insights gained from over 145 years’ experience.

We have a deep responsibility to do the right thing for food and the environments it comes from. Collaborating, sharing knowledge, resources and skills so that everyone benefits – not just in the immediate future, but for generations to come.

Owned by the New Zealand Government, our name helps inspire confidence. We deliver independence of the highest integrity. Helping Aotearoa uphold a higher standard in food as our partners proudly take their products to the world. 


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AsureQuality's food quality assurance journey began nearly 150 years ago, in 1875, as part of the Department of Crown Lands, which in 1892 became the Department of Agriculture. But the story goes back even further.

AsureQuality Values

The AsureQuality Values are core to how we operate as a company. Our people pride themselves on living these Values every day.

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Stronger Together

Pitch in to help others

Look out for each other

Give credit for the difference

people make

Value our team, appreciate individuals

Be proud of all the work we do

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Do the Right Thing

Stand by our work

Act when things don’t seem right

Honour our heritage

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Exceed Expectations

Committed to deliver because the work we do matters

We delight our customers

With our customers we create more value

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Take the Lead

Look ahead

Find a better way

Make it happen

Be open to the new and different

More about AsureQuality

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Board of Directors

AsureQuality's Board of Directors have been selected from a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities to ensure we are governed effectively.

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Management Team

Effective leadership is a central part of AsureQuality's winning formula. Our executive team leads with strong, inspirational leadership.

AQ Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Learn about AsureQuality's commitment to Helping our customers ensure their food is safe