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Laboratory Testing

With six laboratories across Aotearoa, we provide a wide range of testing services to the food and primary production sectors. Our innovative methodologies and delivery systems place our testing laboratories amongst the best in the world.

Our laboratory facilities are accredited to the international standard  NZS ISO/IEC 17025.(external link)

We provide testing services for food and beverages, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, plant, seed, environmental contaminants, and more. We test for food safety, government, international and customer regulatory requirements.

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General, compositional and nutritional chemistry for the food industry.

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We test both food and environmental samples for a wide range of chemical contaminants.

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Specialist identification of physical and biological contaminants.

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Our new software for a streamlined sample testing process. 

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Laboratory Advisory Services

Providing technical advice and customised solutions for customers. 

Laboratory Holiday Hours

Laboratory Holiday Hours

View our operating hours for the next holiday period. Please refer to this information to prevent any impact to you or your operations. 

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Accredited microbiological analyses for raw materials through to finished products.

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Invertebrate Pest Laboratory

With expertise in entomology and nematology, we identify insects, mites, spiders, and nematodes.

Pet Food

Pet Food

Get your products to market faster with our range of testing services for pet food manufacturers.

Plant Health Lab 450x200

Plant Health Laboratory

We provide an extensive range of plant disease diagnostic and testing services.

Poultry feed and egg testing feature

Poultry Feed and Egg Testing

Testing for coccidiostats and anticoccidials in poultry feed and eggs.

Rapid Micro Testing

Rapid Microbiology Testing

Fast and accurate results. Understand how rapid testing methods work.

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Independent and confidential analytical benchmarking for your laboratory.

Residue testing feature


Testing for agricultural, process and veterinary medicines residues. 

Toxin testing


Identifying toxins present in food samples and identifying potential causes. 

Sample submission v2

Sample Submission

Get the best outcomes by following our guidelines for sample submission. 

AQ Wine Industry

Wine Testing

We provide a broad range of testing services to help our partners get their products to market.

Where can I find a price list?

The lab testing process is very detailed. We perform thousands of tests within our labs, each catering to a different requirement, specification and/or sample type. This is why we process each price query individually. If you need a quote, you need to send us a query using the form on the contact page. Include the following information: detailed sample description; sample type (e.g. animal origin, dairy product, plant origin, processed meat, environmental swabs, alcoholic beverage, cosmetic, raw material, petrochemical, etc.); the sample texture (e.g. solid, semi solid, liquid, powder); storage condition (e.g. frozen <0°, chilled 3°±2°, ambient >7°). Please remember to indicate the quantity of samples and the frequency of testing.

How long does it take to receive a quote?

Depending on the complexity of your query, getting your quote ready can take anywhere between 1-7 working days.

Can I get the the "Crossed Grain" logo?

Yes. To get the logo, you need to undertake the certification process. Coeliac NZ(external link) run and administer this programme, you can contact them directly on 09 820 5157.

Can I get gluten testing done?

Our Auckland Laboratory team are able to carry out gluten testing. We can provide both quantitative (level) and qualitative (absence or presence) results within seven days from when samples arrive at the lab. This includes weekends as our Auckland Laboratory operates seven days a week. You can find more about gluten testing in Chemistry Testing(external link) .

Do you pick up samples?

We can arrange the pick up for you within a designated area at additional cost. Many of our customers prefer to order courier tickets off us and to arrange collection directly.

Tell me more about Nutritional Information Panel (NIP)

Nutritional Information Panels (also called nutrition facts labels) is the table printed on the food packaging. It outlines the key nutritional values of the product composition. For information on our lab testing service that provides this information go to Chemistry Testing.