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World-leading farm
carbon certification
programme developed
for New Zealand

Farm Carbon Certification

In partnership with Toitū Envirocare(external link) we offer a world-leading Farm Carbon Certification Programme. This Programme has been developed specifically for New Zealand farmers to support their unique needs, now and in the future.  

This is the first of its kind and is designed to capitalise on the environmental work already happening on New Zealand farms. New Zealand farmers work hard to do their part in reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and the Farm Carbon Certification Programme supports these efforts. 

The Farm Carbon Certification Programme: 

  • Uses a world-leading online carbon management tool with specialised features for meat and dairy farms which integrates directly with OverseerFM(external link)  (external link) and allows for easy and efficient emission and on-farm sequestration tracking. 
  • Provides a recognised way to measure, manage, reduce, and offset on-farm carbon emissions. 
  • Is recognised in over 60 countries, making it ideal for businesses exporting products and working in global supply chains.

What are the benefits of Farm Carbon Certification? 

  • Provides trusted validation of your environmental efforts 
  • Supports compelling and differentiated brand stories in market 
  • Gives you a head-start on pending regulatory requirements
  • Provides a pathway for meaningful climate change action 

Five simple steps: 

1. Measure your farm’s carbon footprint using the online carbon management tool and your existing OverseerFM analysis. On-farm sequestration is recognised and reflected in your net footprint. 

2. Find opportunities to lower your emissions and make a reduction plan 

3. Get your farm’s carbon footprint independently verified by AsureQuality 

4. You have achieved Toitū carbonreduce certification - well done! 

5. Take a step further and offset your remaining emissions to achieve Toitū carbonzero certification - even better! 

To find out more Farm Carbon Certification talk to your usual contact at AsureQuality, or email nzfa@asurequality.com

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