AgriBase 2

Database That Makes A Difference For NZ Producers

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AsureQuality’s Agribase is one of New Zealand’s most interesting databases. It spatially maps almost every food-producing farm in NZ, providing each with its own traceable ID. This is one of the features that makes this database different to other agricultural datasets.

Our experts use it in the office and remotely, while working with farmers from the paddock. It holds the contact details, spatial coordinates and other information about the farms, which can be used to help biosecurity investigations, helicopter rescue missions and human and animal health research.

However, as a uniquely identified, geographically traceable base for all data about each food-producing farm, AgriBase plays a key role in enabling the producers throughout New Zealand to narrate credible, verified food provenance and traceability stories.

These capabilities give NZ producers a competitive advantage, placing NZ products at the premium end of the global food supply and contributing to a positive impact on the overall image of “clean and green” New Zealand.

“Global consumers want to buy a verified product and, simply put, AgriBase has the ability to hold provenance information to support this. It anchors the frontend of the supply chain” says Darren Wilson, AsureQuality Chief Digital Officer.

“We can also digitise paddock record activities, such as crops grown and sprays or fertilisers used,” adds Quenten Higgan, AsureQuality Geographic Information System Analyst. “This information can be used by farmers in many ways – as an example, a farmer could enter mapped coordinates in tractor systems improving accuracy when fertilising fields.” 

"AsureQuality has firm measures around the security and protection of the data recorded in AgriBase, including strict controls around what elements can be accessed and for what purpose. We firmly see ourselves as the custodians of this information for NZ Inc,” says Robert Sanson, AsureQuality Epidemiologist. 

“Global consumers are getting more demanding, but what is great to see is that Kiwi producers are getting equally sophisticated in how they meet these demands.

At AsureQuality we have the tools, technology and insight to help Kiwi producers tell robust, verified stories that build and protect consumer confidence – and make NZ products stand out on the global stage.” 

To find your AgriBase FarmID please contact our AgriBase Specialist team via freephone: 0508 00 11 22, or email: